Friday, June 26, 2009

Rage Against the Machine

Well, I'm not sure who to be ticked off at ... the Rhode Island legislature or Amazon.

The RI Legislature currently has a bill pending that would require any internet sales made in Rhode Island to be subject to Rhode Island state tax. This at a time when the legislature is just about to adjourn for the summer and bills tend to gets passed in a flurry of votes often without being read. Thus is the way of Rhode Island politics; if you want to get a controversial bill passed, submit it in June when most representatives are so anxious to go home they won't even read the darn thing and more often then not will just pass them to clear their desks.

I received an e-mail from this morning that says that if this bill passes they will have no choice but to sever ties with any affiliates in Rhode Island.

I don't make a whole lot between Amazon links and Google ads, but it does at least cover the cost of the server space and allows me to justify the sometimes inordinate amount of time I spend working on this site. But if Amazon pulls out I'll lose that justification (and being unemployed right now, I need a LOT of justification) and may have to pull down the site altogether. Or at very least let it stagnate until my server rental agreement is up

So, I'm a little ticked right now, but not exactly sure who to be ticked at.

More as the story develops.

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